Who We Are
Dobbelsteyn Consulting Group International is a consulting company of work environment specialists. Dr. Jennifer L. Dobbelsteyn is the President of DCGI Inc. She is a Registered Nurse with more than 30 years of progressive experience in the healthcare system in Canada. Her experience includes working in: acute care in hospitals, long term care in senior care facilities, community care in First Nation Health Centers, and accreditation surveying across Canada. Her research for her PhD was focused on developing healthy work environments in healthcare settings.

What We Do
This company has developed an evidence-based assessment tool that measures the quality of the working environment in health care organizations. The tool is based on five key components of a healthy work environment: teamwork, safety, recognition, professionalism, and conflict resolution. Improving the working environment begins with meaningful assessment. Such an assessment can identify areas where specific improvements are needed, thereby, allowing managers to target both their efforts and resources. We do evidence-based work environment assessments, front-line solutions, education sessions, research, and conference presentations

Jennifer Dobbelsteyn

Jennifer L. Dobbelsteyn, RN, BN, MBA, PhD
Phone: (506)471-1710
Email: jendobb@nb.sympatico.ca
Website: Dobbelsteyngroup.ca
Address: 32 Chateau Drive,
Fredericton NB  E3G 5X4

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